Personal Assistant
Service “Personal Assistant” as concierge includes next services: Business, legal, medical, emergency, also combined interpreter services, Our professional experts are ready to help in any situation, at any time, begins from hotel booking ending with business conference. 25 years experience in the field of concierge and a broad network of partner organizations (more than 70 000 accredited contractors and specialist in various field over the world) helps you to solve your problem quickly with “Personal Assistant” service, to feel safe being abroad.

  • To use the service you call on number: +372991, for Russian operator: +372992.
  • Service “Personal assistant” for Globalcell subscribers is reachable 24/7.

List of services provided by Personal Assistant
Upon client's request Personal Assistant will provide comprehensive information about the required organisations and companies worldwide (name, address, phone number, operation hours, fares, any other information). Upon client's request Personal Assistant arranges booking, reservation and payment of services on behalf of a client.
  • Transport information and reservations Personal Assistant will provide comprehensive information about the schedules of flights, trains, buses and other transport information. Personal Assistant can find the necessary connections flights according to the required itinerary, upon client's request Personal Assistant will book and pay for the necessary tickets on behalf of a client.
  • Hotel information and reservations The Personal Assistant will provide comprehensive information on hotels in the required region. Upon client's request Personal Assistant will book the selected accommodation and if required will organise payment on behalf of a client.
  • Information on rental of cars and other vehicles Personal Assistant will provide information about the class, fares and availability of cars and other vehicles at various rental companies worldwide. Personal Assistant will arrange car rent and payment on behalf of a client. Personal Assistant can provide comprehensive information and book various types of transport around the world.
  • Live interpretation over the phone/ Language Support Personal Assistant will help customers interpret information onto any of the main languages. Language support is available in more than 90 languages with the resources of call centres around the world. There is possibility to organise the conference call involving three lines: a client, a person whose speech should be translated (Personal Assistant can contact him and add to the conference call), Personal Assistant. If the person whose speech should be translated stays in the same room as the client then speakerphone can be used.
  • Information on vaccinations Vaccinations required or recommended before going to the specified area. The consultation is provided by medical officer.
  • Visa Information Requirements for obtaining a visa for the specified country. Instructions for obtaining a visa. Addresses and phone numbers of consulates, embassies and visa centres, as well as business intermediaries, providing the full range of services in the shortest possible time and under non-standard circumstances.
  • Information on countries/regions Description of the features of a given country/region, for example, culture, level of medical care, security and precautionary measures, public transport, etc.
  • Recommendations to ensure personal safety Security measures recommended by the government and other aspects of personal safety.
  • Information on weather, exchange rates Weather forecast for the region, exchange rates.
  • Secretary Personal Assistant will perform any minor task, whether sending fax or message, notification, and other assignments. Personal Assistant can also wake you up at the specified time by calling the specified number.
  • Solving problems in typical situations: Problems at check-in; Client needs to rebook or cancel a ticket or modify reservation at the hotel; Client’s flight is cancelled or delayed; Client is about to miss a flight or is late for the flight or train departure; Client asks for background information; Client has lost the baggage; In case of violation of consumer rights by selling goods or provision services of inadequate quality in the field of travel transportation and accommodation (flights, travelling by train, hotels)*
  • Roadside assistance Personal Assistant is ready to assist clients in all aspects relating to his movements on passenger transport, whether delivery of gasoline, if it is over, help with finding the need for expensive destinations and other instructions.

*In case of claim the help is provided exclusively in terms of assistance: Personal Assistant will contact the service provider, ask to comment the situation, will insist on finding best solution and simultaneously will seek alternative solutions for the client.


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