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The new service allows you to use unspent sum from the balance on your GlobalCell number after getting back to your home country.
For example, if you have 10 Unit on your GlobalCell card this balance can be spent from your Georgian number.  

For using this service it`s necessary to turn on Call forwarding:
1. Activation: You should dial combination from your GlobalCell number: * 146 * 081 * 00 [country code] [index of mobile operator] [number] # and press OK. 
(For example * 146 * 081 * 00995592030445 #). 
2. Deactivate: * 146 * 080 # and press OK
After activation, from local (Georgian) number should be sent SMS on +447700313131 with number in text field which you want to call.
(SMS text example: 592030445),

After that you will receive incoming call from (Example: 592030445), respond and talk with the addresser.

  • You pay cost of SMS from local number.
  • You pay call price from your GlobalCell number.
Activation of the service is free!

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01:16 - 04.02.2016
Dear Subscribers, We are happy to anounce our cooperation to FoxBox - payment terminal company in Lithuania!
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