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Skype users can call to Globalcell subscribers freely, for this it is necessary to dial your Globalcell number in Skype +372800YYXXXXXX.

Skype incoming call  for  Globalcell subscribers formed with country incoming call + 0.20 Unit a minute. e.g.  If Globalcell subscribers is in a country where incoming call is free, he/she pay only 0.20  Unit.

Skype call:
  • Activation: *146*098141# and OK
  • Deactivation: *146*098142# and OK
  • Status:  * 146*098140# and OK

To use new service you must registered on My account , After registration on My account , confirm the number and turn on  Globalcell service Skype call.

Globalcell  permanently suggests new services!

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01:16 - 04.02.2016
Dear Subscribers, We are happy to anounce our cooperation to FoxBox - payment terminal company in Lithuania!
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